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About Us

We are a provider of fund and investment information, performance analytics and online solutions. Experts in the field of fund research and information, our services support both intermediaries and investors of Malaysian unit trust and wholesale funds, investment linked funds and private retirement schemes.

Novagni is independent, and operates a client-centric business driven by our commitment to deliver effective, quality results to:

  • Fund Managers and Investment Agencies who use our web based analytics to analyse fund performance and statistics for management and client review.

  • Fund Distribution Platforms who need fund data, analysis and information to provide their customers with a sufficient information to make an informed investment decision.

  • Wealth Advisers who engage us to establish an advisory infrastructure that enables them to forge rewarding relationships with their clients.

  • Retail Fund Investors who require objective information and advice on fund selection to meet their financial goals.

What We Offer

Data Aggregator

Our dynamic collection, verification and storage of fund data and investment information from multiple sources provides a one-stop solution for data access. 

And we support multiple various feed delivery modes – API, email, FTP and SFTP.

Independent Research

Our independence stems from a structured quantitative methodology that is applied to the Malaysian fund universe, filtering and monitoring the consistent performers from the laggards. 

One other thing – we do not sell funds.

Customisable Solutions

Our agile platforms allow us the ability to provide customised application solutions to achieve our clients’ requirements – without the hidden costs.

Multiple Access

Our online research analytics and web solutions are developed with a focus on delivering information in an effective and convenient mode.

We want you to experience simplicity when you get information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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Our Services

Backed by a 30-year historical database (and growing), technical expertise and proprietary softwares and systems, we have crafted and develop services and solutions for the retail investment management market.

Our user market includes investment managers, wealth advisers, banks, insurance companies, investment agencies, fund platforms, wealth management (WM) system providers, financial data providers and last but not least, retail investors!

We undertake a variety of data and document feed from fund NAVs, performances, marketing and statutory documentation, benchmark returns data to asset class correlation points and economic statistics.

Data is distributed on multiple frequencies ranging from daily to annually and can be packaged and disseminated through various transmission modes (flatfile, excel, csv, API etc.) as required by clients.

Suitable For Fund Distributors, WM System Providers, Data Platforms 

We have worked with regional and international platforms to feed fund data feed and integrate investment intelligence, covering asset allocation strategies, fund portfolios, fund selection based on system specifications and client requirements.

Data is then periodically monitored and revised in line with an ongoing review process.

Suitable For Fund Distributors, WM System Providers, Data Platforms 

As an outsourced solution, we generate customised fund fact sheets, client investment reports and statutory reports based on the specifications set by the client and regulators.

Suitable for Fund Managers, Asset Managers, Insurance Companies

Performance measures, may it be returns, risk or risk adjusted requires an independent verification of methodology and accuracy.

We offer verification services for performance measurement on funds, mandates and benchmarks for internal management, client reporting and regulatory compliance. Our verification is premised on internationally recognised investment formulae and practices.

Customised performance methodologies, as approved by the client’s investment management committee can be reviewed and catered for as part of the service.

Suitable for Fund and Asset Managers, Investment Agencies, Insurance Companies

Exnovo is a customised performance measure analytics and market statistics application that covers the Malaysian Fund Universe.


  • Multiple peer and category comparison for funds and benchmark
  • Risk return scatter diagrams for unit trust funds
  • Multi year and customised period views
  • Fund distribution history
  • Industry statistics – Funds under Management and Units in Circulation repository
  • Customised Management Reports
  • Multi browser compliant – Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari
  • Multi platform compliant – mobile device, tablets, laptops and desktops

Suitable for – Fund and Asset Managers, Investment Agencies and Institutional Fund Investors

Principium is a customised performance measure analytics which incorporates wealth planning calculators, investment simulators and portfolio monitoring capabilities developed for Unit Trust Agents, Financial Planners, and Wealth Advisers.


  • Realtime access anywhere, anytime
  • Interactive risk and return tracking
  • Researched based investment and financial calculators to provide a better estimation of future lifestage needs
  • Simulate fund, portfolio performance
  • Create, edit multiple fund or portfolio records and track real time performance
  • A consolidated view including a drill down position of asset class allocation and weighted top holdings
  • Multi browser compliant – Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari
  • Multi platform compliant – mobile device, tablets, laptops and desktops

Suitable for – Wealth Advisers, Retail Investors

Our attribution analysis solution can be cloud or internally based and customised to each client’s, algorithms, analysis and reporting requirements.  Security level data provided by clients is ingested into our attribution engine and services perform the analytics required for the publication of attribution analytics for investment monitoring and management reporting.  Example features include: 

  • Daily security level attribution of returns and performance of a fund or benchmark 
  • Brinson attribution of security selection/allocation partitioning of performance 
  • Fund Snail Trails across a range of Risk, Attribution and Security metrics 
  • Inter fund correlations of attribution returns for Sector, Market Cap, Excess Returns etc
  • Holding level analysis across Sectors, Sub-Sectors, Market Cap etc 
  • Liquidity, Value at Risk, Portfolio Turnover Ratio analysis
  • Customisable algorithms, analysis, graphical, data analytics and reporting engines 
  • Customisable dashboard views and reporting
  • Customisable query engine to slice and dice security holding data 

Suitable for – Unit Trust Managers, Asset Managers

We adopt the principles of modern portfolio theory (MPT) as its base methodology for the portfolio construction. The classic theory is still being applied today as the rudimentary foundation amongst global players for building an optimal investment portfolio.

Overlaying the MPT will be customised client constraints to establish appropriate asset allocation strategies and thereafter fund selection. Our quantitative evaluation model can ensure that fund selection will be based on optimised consistent performance and meets clients’ financial objectives.

Thereafter, we will monitor and review risk return performance of investment funds and/or clients’ portfolios on a quarterly or periodic basis.

Clients receive forward looking advice on the appropriate asset allocation strategy and fund selection.

The Novagni Funds Star Rating is an evaluation framework that focuses on the quantitative analysis of a unit trust fund’s performance measured against its peers. Based on the final analysis, a star rating will be awarded to each fund in comparison to its peers in the same category.

The evaluation framework uses historical data and statistical analysis covering the quantitative performance measures of returns, risk adjusted returns and volatility.

Data utilised for this aggregated analysis covers both funds and benchmarks in a specific or customised fund universe.

Aggregated data and information portals are inevitable and necessary in today’s world of technology.  Advisers and investors require a platform where they can access to view and compare important investment highlights for client decision making.

Working off our base solution, we white-label our platform based on client’s requirements and provide all the required fund data and information required.

Alternatively, we can build one from scratch for you.  Internal or external hosting is your decision. 

Suitable For – Fund Distribution Platforms, Fund Managers, Wealth Advisers, Insurance Companies


Software Solution Development

Novamond (M) Sdn Bhd, has been Novagni’s IT partner over the last 9 years, servicing both our in-house needs, and industry clients.

Since 2005, Novamond has been developing advisory platforms and customised solutions for unit trust managers and fund distribution intermediaries aside from developing its own fund analytics portal.

Whilst the development expertise is largely skewed towards financial and investment applications and systems, Novamond also possess experience in other areas of IT development.

Novamond’s Capabilities:

Web Tools, Analytics and Advisory platforms 

  • Information repositories catered for efficient user experience 
  • Multi search query functionalities 
  • Customised calculators catering to both corporate and retail segments 
  • Illustrative charting functions 
  • Investment advisory modules ranging from risk profiling to fund recommendation solutions 

Software Solutions – Interactive Investment modelling 

  • Multi period and product performance simulation, portfolio recommendation, monitoring and rebalancing 
  • Functionalities for daily tracking and consolidated portfolio view 

Software Solutions – Back Office Integration, Reporting Engines and Business Intelligence Suites 

  • Integration projects with 3rd party backend systems to generate client reports and portfolio valuation 
  • Development of reporting engines from data input, analytics and finally publishing

Digital Data Archiving

Piql Malaysia is the Malaysian partner of the global Piql network, an innovative technology in the digital data preservation space.

Piql’s purpose-built technology enables greater data security and longevity while significantly reducing the risk of data loss and overall cost. It is a green data solution given its storage permanence and migration free characteristics.

Given the ubiquity of irreplaceable information, Piql’s technology is multi-industry and particularly crucial in data preservation, business resilience and optimisation.

With an international presence, Piql’s services cover the following solutions; 

Consulting and Planning

Offering support and advice in an archival planning process to ensure efficiency and maximised outcome.

Digital Transformation

From analogue to digital is more than just a scan.  Our expertise covers a wide range of formats.

Digital Preservation

Our migration-free approach, adopting Open Archival Information System (OAIS) standards are easily managed through piqlConnect.

Long-Term Data Storage

We guarantee future access to your content regardless of your time perspective.


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